Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A poor few weeks weather with no rain for nearly 5 weeks.  Greens have been feed, dressed, tined, dressed, feed, heavily watered and still refuse to significantly improve.  

This week we have verti-cut both courses followed by a light dress, 18 ton across both courses, rolled and finally cut.  We are now at a turning point and the warm weather next week will finally see some growth but only on watered areas of the course.  For the rest, spring is slowly slipping by which is a real worry.  

Broken irrigation boxes are being replaced and lots of sprinklers are being straightened, reset or even replaced ready for the upcoming summer.

The picture below is a core pulled from the 14th green lower.  You can clearly see the seam of fresh sand from spring tining which is very encouraging but also the browner, dryer, thatchy area below, so much is still to be done to firm up surfaces ready for the wetter months. 
14th Lower Core

One of the old buggies has been fixed, painted and reconditioned. This gives us an extra machine to run around on during busy times.

Tee plinths around the course and fairway markers have been cleaned.  Sprinklers are all being trimmed.
Tee Plinths
A poor spring for Bluebells with the cold dry weather spoiling the colour and bloom

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

More sand and tining this week on the Lower.  Half a ton of sand per green followed by 10mm solid tines at 1/2 inch centres.  The greens are slowly filling in and we are irrigating on a regular basis to force growth.  Off the green the weather has made the course look more like August than April with tees particularly suffering with the dry weather.
More Sand Honeyman

More Holes
 As the irrigation gets woken up breaks, faults and general problems begin to show themselves.  As we move through the season these jobs are prioritised and will be fixed in order of importance.

13th Green Lower

 Our facility is slowly being organised and by the winter we will have a tidier barn with a place for everything.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

As always after a great weekend of golf, the reality of the game in the UK is our weather.  All the money in the world, all the staff and a great course but Augusta would not be possible without the climate to create good playing surfaces.  The weather has been warm during the day here but 3 of the last 6 mornings has seen a light frost in the mornings.  Together with the fact there has been no rain for 3 weeks.  Of the green all areas are filling in and the course is looking ok.  On the green with sandier surfaces growth is minimal.  Disease scars are slowly filling in and we are getting there, just not as fast as we want.

Image result for augusta photos
Its all about the weather
Some old tee steps are being taken away and filled although the remainder will be left till autumn.

Old steps
Improved definition

Monday, 20 March 2017

The lower has been topdressed with 1.25 tons per green, followed by solid-tine down to 2.5". Followed by brushing and a light granular feed.  This is to be repeated on the upper as soon as weather dictates.  The great picture below shows close up the different lengths of grass within the same sward.  Highlighting the need for regular brushing of the greens.

A few days of bumpy greens to allow the sand to work into the surface and we can now roll and cut the lower to bring them back into good shape

10th lower, grass should all be the same length!

13th Lower

Spacing pattern

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Welcome to the new blog for Hainault Golf Club.  I hope to keep you entertained and maybe even educated by this new blog.  It will be occasional with lots of pictures and maybe even the odd video (can't wait to get the drone above the course).

This will be only part of our new drive to communicate with all of you.  Starting soon we will see a regular monthly newsletter style piece along with this blog and updates on current coursework.

Constructive comments will always be welcome and I will endeavour to answer all correspondence.

A little tidy around the entrance area.  Edged, gravel and posts re-painted.



Tees on the lower have all been solid-tined.  This week we are tining the upper tees, followed on Tuesday with solid-ting and dressing of the lower greens(weather permitting).  No hollow-tining this spring so it is important we push sand into the green before brushing and then feeding with a light granular.  We are looking for good recovery of winter disease scars but not to much growth, creating soft surfaces.  So a light granular feed followed by regular feeding with the sprayer will be the plan this summer.

Tees Lower