Monday, 5 March 2018

Lots of lovely pictures of snow below.  No great surprise there.  These are taken on the 12th hole Lower where extensive tree work was undertaken to improve the play ability of the hole.  6 trees were removed, 3 on the right of the fairway and a further 3 around the green.  This will improve light and airflow at the green end and allow a fairer shot into this green from the fairway.

Can't really see the difference in this light.

We are trying to catch up on other work on the course,  ditches on 5 and 15th of the lower have now been cleared with the 5th especially uncovering all manner of drains.  Yippee.

5th Lower

15th Lower
 Finishing of soil prep across both courses and we now await some half decent weather with over 600 turf still to be laid including the bunker on 9 and the 10th Tee.

1 of many unfinished jobs
 We are trying to open up old drain lines with a turf cutter.  These will be topped up with sand and reseeded although areas across the fairways will be re-turfed.  The picture below is the 12th Upper but we will also attempt the 1st and 9th aprons.
Turf cutting old drainlines

Thursday, 15 February 2018

The course work in the last month has mostly been about drainage in bunkers.  After much exploring nearly half the problems we have encountered have needed a complete drain out of the bunker.  We have completed partial drainage on 10 bunkers on the lower and full drainage with new pipe and outfalls across 5 bunkers. 
5th Lower

Ready for turf back

10th Lower
 That was until we got to 8th lower with poor drainage across all bunkers on this hole.  We decided to add a complete new drain across 50 metres, in front of the hole down to the pond.  This has meant more work and more mess at a wet time of the season.  This drainage is now awaiting soil when the weather improves but will make a big difference to this feature hole.
It started out simple

8th bunkers nearing completion
 Workshop area is having hatching painted to help with safety and make parking easier overnight.  Markers are now painted, outside of the building is tidier as we move toward the start of the season.
Painted walkways

A little better
These lines on the 12th fairway Upper are a trial with 1 of our machines.  It makes a narrow continuous slit through the surface about 75mm deep creating a channel for water to run through.  As we get a little drier we will be trailing this machine across some areas of the course. 

Vertical drainage

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Busy week on the course with the improved weather.  This is the 9th bunker Upper last week.


Sand dug out

Shaping the base

Drainage going in, tapping into existing pipe.


Finally new sand, bank ready for turf and a great new look for the hole.


On top of this we have addressed drainage on the 4th, 14th, 16th, 17th and 18th on the Lower.  With new pipe, gravel and sand.

4th Lower

14th Fairway Lower

14th Green Lower

16th Lower

18th Green Lower
The weather has also allowed us to tine, seed and feed 4 tees. Cut greens twice this week, ready for a chemical application on Friday to help keep greens dry and clean for the next few weeks.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

The weather is looking better in the next few weeks so hopefully the poor January is almost behind us.  Greens are holding up well with only a few soft spots roped off.  I don't think temporary greens will be needed this winter which can only be a good thing.

  Even with the rubbish weather lots is going on.  Lower bunkers edged, sand moved, re-distributed and some bunker drain investigation on Lower bunkers.

Some of us are busy

New drainage and sand on the 14th fairway bunker Lower
Ready for a final rake

New drain to the left and behind the 11th green Lower.  This will help keep water of the green and aprons in heavy rain. 

Ready for fresh pipe and gravel

 Behind the 11th green we have used old range balls instead of gravel.  We have thousands.  A novel idea which if successful we may roll out in other areas.  This has been covered with a coarse grit sand to help grass establishment.
Maybe turtle eggs?

This is the 9th bunker Upper.  This weak bunker is being remodeled, drained and will have new sand by the the end of the week.  Once turf arrives the face will be turfed.

9th Upper
   Also this week we are planning to start some bunker drainage.  The pipes leaving the bunkers seem in good working order but within they are contaminated.  So we may overhaul existing drain or more likely completely replace drainage in these bunkers.  We won't get time to complete many this winter but are highlighting the worst, mainly on the Lower. 

The 17th marker post Upper has had a much needed paint.  Some brave sole climbed to the top and now the pole looks much cleaner and stands out well.

Pole stands out well against the trees.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Looking to get the course back on track after heavy rain and poor round conditions through the last couple of weeks.

Early in the week course is getting a much needed cut.  Greens, tees, aprons and maybe even fairways will be cut this week along with bunkers getting a full rake.  Leaves within bunkers are getting blown and raked to further tidy them up.

Blown away
As we move through the week Tees are being solid-tined on 1 course, moving onto the second course early next week.  The path on the 11th Lower will be finished with planings, followed by a thin skim of planings on the 1st path Upper.  Back onto the 11th Lower we will be edging these new bunkers finishing drainage, and rolling this new turf area.

A bit close to the surface
Irrigation is being fixed in some areas, the 14th Tee Upper and 16th Tee Upper will have a new valve assembly by the end of the week.  The picture above is a pipe smashed by a solid-tine but the real culprit is poor installation, almost level with the surface.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Well last week ended with chipping ice from greens just to get them open.
As the new week begins we had a large order of turf.  And as the week ends the 11th is finished, turfed and just needs a bit of TLC.

The things we do
 The course is starting to cut up with the warm damp weather so rope has now been used in all the normal places around the course.  The greens are looking good and will receive a cut at the end of this week, ready for the Christmas period ahead.
Soil topping ready for turf
 The 11th green surround has been turfed with over 950 laid in under 2 days.  This area now needs a heavy sand and the pathway reinstated after all our machinery running over it.  


Roped off to protect turf

Thursday, 14 December 2017

The week obviously hasn't panned out quite as expected.  Heavy snow, course closed, turf order cancelled and a great big dollop of rain to boot.  We are planning to reorder turf for early next week in order to finish the 11th complex.
Someone has had fun.
 Ever cloud they say has a silver lining as the upstairs mezzanine has gone from this.


To this.